What Are The Best Anti-Aging Foods?

Anti-Aging Foods
Age gracefully with these anti-aging foods that will help you look younger. Of course, you still have to stick with your usual healthy habits such as regular exercise, 6-8 hours of nightly sleep, and your skincare regimen. Yes, Health and Age is going to talk about your diet. Because we believe...

Shea Butter With Oils Body Cream

Shea Butter With Oils Body Cream
A body cream is usually used to rejuvenate skin or to make the skin younger-looking. It is an oil-based, thick, and whipped anti-aging product that is used to moisturize the skin and prevent it from being dry and cracked. It has a thin and silky texture that helps replenish the oil in the skin and...

Feel Younger With Our Home-made Coconut Oil & Body Scrub

Home-made Coconut Oil & Body Scrub
Many people tend to be very picky when it comes to beauty and anti-aging products. It is for sure that every home has a variety of skincare and hair care products such as age-defying creams, facial washes, and volumizing conditioners. But have we ever thought of having body scrubs? Only a few...

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